Siddique Mission

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Marciful
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Welcome to Our Mission


      If a nation is not unfertilized and if its mind is not a dead like situation, then with the inevitable laws of history that nation leads to the series of success. Indeed it is desirable. That progressive nation should alive newly like a newborn self stability to get over the critical situation. The success period of a nation does not appear following any calendar-sometimes it comes with silent step, sometimes it comes gorgeously . Sometimes very swiftly with sudden startling ,sometimes again with sluggish movement. But in whatever way and when ever the high grade position of a nation comes, it advances through the planned thought and activities of man.

      This is such a good time of upliftmentof West Bengal as well as India. Butthetask is not so easy as to speak .Living in remote Aligarh (Uttarprodesh) Sir Syed Ahmed khan once sowed the seed of silent revolution and it has to cross many a throny way to turn it into the shape from smaller to greater .The muslim community has to repeatedly face ordeal in the competition of saving existence .Today ,it is a matter of pride to say: “The musalmans are not lag behind in education.”

      But it is to be remembered that if the muslim community remains satisfied with its little improvement, then existence of the nation would again be more difficu[t. Therefore, we shall have to be infused with the mantra of urge, not to the pride in satisfaction.

      No hesitation to tell that some residential missions in west Bengal have been supplying Oxygen to this spell of urge.These missions not only will spread ,through ceaseless effort and research ,the talent and genius of the rising generation,but also they leave no stone unturned to create genius among the youths Consequently , we see satisfactory presence of students in the result of the Joint Entrance Exmination .But here is not the end of this vast workshop and it is not even desirable .So, the spontenous effort is on going and will be going .Our Siddique-E- Akbar mission too is advancing step by step to its own aim .To create sure job,good citizen and ideal man is bounden duty of our Mission.